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Industrial Epoxy Grout

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The company offers Industrial Epoxy Grout that finds application in many industries for purposes like Heavy duty grouting of machinery and equipment, Bridge Seats, Structural columns, etc. The Industrial Epoxy Grout, we offer, possesses qualities like high strength for maximum load bearing, non-shrink with minimum positive expansion for high tolerance performance, etc. We offer Industrial Epoxy Grout, which is widely acclaimed for its quality and durability. The company makes available Industrial Epoxy Grout at affordable prices.

Application :
  • Heavy duty grouting of machinery and equipment.
  • Bridge Seats
  • Structural columns
  • Bending plates
  • Crane rails
  • Anchorages

Advantages :
  • Highly fluid and extremely placeable for easy field use.
  • High strength for maximum load bearing.
  • Non-Shrink with minimum positive expansion for high tolerance performance.
  • Non-bleeding and non-segregating at a fluid consistency.
  • Does not contain any chlorides or additives which may contribute to corrosion of base
  • Total shrinkage compensation, which provides a maximum bearing surface for the greatest
    overall support.
  • Rapid strength gain to minimize turn around time for equipment regrouts.
  • Excellent working time at high ambient temperatures.

Application Methodology :
  • Ensure that concrete surface is clean, sound, rough and is free from any standing water, oil, dirt, debris, paint, unsound concrete or other contaminants.
  • Ensure that surface temperature & ambient temperature is not < 5 OC and > 40 OC.
  • As a precautionary measure, remove all residue with a vacuum cleaner or pressure washing.
  • Pre-soak the pit to be grouted with water to ensure a saturated surface during the grouting process.
  • Mix 25 kg Grout with 3.88 L of wter. Where grouting is to be done for deeper thickness (Bolt pocket grouting), add about 9-10 kg of pea gravel per 25 kg of Grout 50.
  • Use requisite quantity of water to achieve desired flow level of Grout . Do not add excess water as this may lead to bleeding & segregation. Do not add sand / cement to Grout 50 as this may change its properties.
  • Pour grout immediately after mixing from the one side into a watertight shuttering around the
    machine basement / structure. Ensure that the air dispensed by pouring grout escapes and air entrapment is avoided. The grouting should be continuous and maintain sufficient pressure
    head to keep grout flowing. To prevent grouts from leaking out, use wooden or MS shuttering
    material with a polythene sheets or coating of ShaliSlip
  • When grouting base-plate, pour grout into the head box and allow to flow under the plate. Straps pre-placed under the plate will aid in working the grout across. Grout should be placed
    at minimum of 25 mm thick and a maximum of 150 mm per lift when placed in a large mass.
  • Bring all Grout materials as well as foundation and base-plate as close to room Temperature as possible. Cold temperatures will significantly reduce flow characteristics and will enhance difficulty of base-plate grouting. Higher temperatures will increase initial flow but cut down on working time.
  • Ensure proper curing of Grout to achieve optimal durability / performance of grout. Wet cure the grout until forms are stripped. Then cure the grout with high solid curing compounds such as SuperRezseal.

Cleaning & Maintenance : Tools and mixer may be cleaned with water immediately

Health & Safety :
  • Use mask, nose cover and hand gloves during application.
  • Clean hands with soap water after application.
  • Avoid contact with skin / eyes. In case of unlikely contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of clean water, then cleanse with soap and lukewarm water and seek medical advice. Do not use solvent to clean the contacted area.
  • Prevent swallowing. In case of unlikely swallowing, seek medical attention immediately. Do not induce vomiting.

Packing : Available in 25 kg bag.

Storage : Store in cool dry place under the shed away from heat.

Shelf Life : 9 months in original unopened sealed conditions