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Oxidise Industrial Bitumen (All Grades)

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Industrial Bitumen is a dark, petroleum residue modified by the oxidation process. The Industrial Bitumen, we offer, has consistency ranging from highly viscous to solid. Industrial Bitumen is a safe and inexpensive material and has multiple uses in industry We provide Industrial Bitumen, which has a wide range of applications because of its properties like Waterproofing, Plasticity, Adhesion and resistance towards acid and alkalis. Industrial Bitumen makes an efficient electrical insulator, because it has excellent dielectric strength.

Application :
  • In Building floors: damp-proofing and waterproofing; acid-alkali resistant flooring, conductive flooring; sparkless flooring.
  • In building/roofings: manufacture of roofing felts, adhesives, primers, damp-proof coating compositions, liquid roof coatings, plastic cements and hot carriage roofing compounds.
  • Hydro projects: canal lining, embankment, hydraulic structure, dam lining protection and sand stabilisation.
  • Roads: construction and maintenance.
  • Industrial Use: lamination, manufacture of caulking compounds, joint fillers, rubber extenders, battery sealing compounds, cable filling compounds.

Advantages :
  • Easy to Apply
  • Excellent Durability
  • Comparatively cheaper and Widely available

Application Methology :
  • Heat gradually till the bitumen melts completely. Heat the required quantity only.
  • Continuously stir to prevent local overheating. A thermometer should be used to ensure that the bitumen is not overheated or it will lose much of its properties
  • Bitumen brought up to its normal working temperature is applied with a brush or by pouring and spreading using a rubber squeegee.

Health and Safety :
  • Use goggles, gumboots, nose covers and hand gloves during application.
  • Clean hands with warm soap water after application.

Packing : Available in 200 Kg drums or 25 kg cakes.

Storage : Keep in cool and dry place in air tight containers under shed away from heat.